Causes of Lesbianism since the 1800's

Just a short list of what "experts" think causes what they presume is a malady to be avoided, Lesbianism.   I think we know what causes Lesbianism now ..ummm  Lesbians. Born this way.


Shower Massage for Lesbian Masturbation

Ladies ..THIS WORKS>  So many options ..explosive orgasm in minutes ...closer to a minute really.  The best I ever had like this.  Worth every penny, and I really mean that.

Amy Poehler and Aubrey Plaza in Lesbian Kiss (Almost)

I remember this picture Aubrey Plaza and Amy Poehler hitting the internet.  Is this the two of them caught in a FUN lesbian moment or a SINCERE lesbian moment ?   Amy is 41 and Aubrey is 29 and they have admitted in a recent interview that they have become very close.

The Lesbian Tina Fey Moment from 2013 SNL

Tina Fey Taking a lesbian spin portraying a lesbian porn star Lajeen Noween “the queen of porn with no penises,” ...Oh how we wish :)  One of my favorites from Saturday Night Live.  Every lesbian's dream is for the apparently straight Fey to come out and say "OK ..I am gay."  Maybe not in my lifetime. 

Sex Scene Advise for Fifty Shades Dakota Johnson ?? It's just a job. (not hardly)

Zosia Mamet, the star from the HBO series "Girls" is offering advice to Dakota Johnson,  who has the lead as Anastasia Steel in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey movie, where there is no doubt, there will be a sex scene or two ...or two dozen, for the actress to perform in.  Speaking to Cosmopolitan, she advises to "remember it's a job" and to "trust your lighting"  She acknowledges that shooting a sex scene is always "A little bit awkward."   She is giving advice to the actress without having actually read the book ....or is she SAYING she didn't read it.

Does anyone know if there is a more lesbian friendly version of Fifty Shades of Grey ?   I'd love to read it ..wonder if I could write it >?  What do you think ?  And maybe I say all this to say lovely Zosia could be cast in the movie, and I'd hope the girl girl scenes would be more than just a job :)


Whats the Dif between Adult Entertainment for Lesbians and for Men

Jincy Lumpkin explains for us all the difference between erotica made for women, and lesbian entertainment for men.

Ohhhhhh feeling, emotion, connectivity, and I will say intimacy.


Viven Leigh was bisexual, lesbian, and very promiscuous

 According to a great article in USBIGIRLS , Gone With The Wind heroine Vivien Leigh, Scarlett O'Hara herself, was a lesbian / bisexual in search of LOTS of sex and very promiscuous.  And frankly my dear, I give a damn.  Vivien had "flings with British actress Isabel Jeans and two other women,"  and lots of men as well.    Darwin Porter is the author of the book, where the other two lesbian affairs are documented.  

The Lesbian -ness of the Three Witches of Oz Great And Powerful

Seriously ...The Three Witches ...incredibly erotic and sensuous witches in spite of the two that are just nasty bitches, can't deny they are hot ..and the Good Witch with her goodness and purity in her bubble, are featured in Oz The Great And Powerful  Love that Disney is willing to give choice roles to women after their lesbian turns.  Let's discuss the cinematic and celeb history of these three.

Mila Kunis plays Theodora who morphs into the Wicked Witch of The West.  In a couple of previous lesbian roles, she and Zoe Saldana discuss the taste of a woman in a wonderful, funny, and romantic scene, plus they make love in the movie too in a hidden gem.  It's called After Sex, and the touching scene (will give you goose bumps) is below, plus you can stream the whole movie here.After Sex     And of course, Mila got the nickname "sweet lips" from best actress Oscar winner Natalie Portman for their lesbian kissing and sex scene performances in Black Swan, which can be cheaply streamed here. Black Swan

Rachel Weisz plays Evenora, one of the evil witches, and has yet to take on a lesbian role, but told Vanity Fair that she wants to according to this After Ellen blurb.  She was first place in a poll of lesbians in the category of "Women we'd love to love."

Michelle Williams, who plays Glinda to Good Witch is known (as well as Kansas sweet Annie, future mom of Dorothy Gale in "Toto TOO ?") for her very romantic and sexual turn in the movie If These Walls Could Talk 2
where she is pictured below in a very romantic kiss. In the Oz movie she is vuluptious, curvy, and her Kansas vulnerability on the surface is matched with her womanly strength as the true heroine of the movie.  There are rumors that Michelle is in a lesbian relationship with Busy Phillips. However, Busy says "I love her as deeply as I love almost anyone. But we don’t do it."

Good Witch from Oz Great And Powerful Glinda in Lesbian Kiss with Chloe Sevigny in If These Walls Could Talk 2


Want a Good Girly Fiction to Read ?

Keeping You A Secret by Julie Anne Peters

With a steady boyfriend, the position of Student Council President, and a chance to go to an Ivy League college, high school life is just fine for Holland Jaeger. At least it seems to be. But when Cece Goddard comes to school, everything changes. Cece and Holland have undeniable feelings for each other, but how will others react to their developing relationship? This moving love story between two girls is a worthy successor to Nancy Garden's classic young adult coming out novel, Annie on My Mind. With her characteristic humor and breezy style, Peters has captured the compelling emotions of young love


Poem from Lesbian Movie I Can't Think Straight

I could not find this anywhere on the internet so it's here because when I heard it within the beautiful Lesbian Love Story, my heart did flips.  Wonderful !

Poem From Movie I Can't Think Straight
Every Night I empty my heart
but by morning it's full again
slow droplets of you seep in
through the night in soft caress
at dawn I overflow with thoughts
of us in aching pleasure that
gives me no respite
love cannot be contained
the neat packaging of desire
splits asunder
spilling crimson all through my days
long languishing
days that are now bruised
tender with yearning
sent searching for a fingerprint
a scent, a breath you left behind



Dr, Oz loves OatStraw Extract

 Had to laugh when Dr. Oz recommended Oatstraw Extract for energy today.  It's been well known for years that this is a cheap energy boost ...but also, it's known for it's sexual boost for both men and women.  He even went so far as to claim the phrase "sewing your wild oats" came from those who used OatStraw Extract to boost their immune systems and provide energy as well as sexual enhancement. I have known this for years from someone I knew who used it as "boner juice" for himself, and I found I was more moist during encounters.   I keep some in the bathroom and, while I don't take it everyday, its used occasionaly for energy and desire.

He also prescribes Rhodiola, available at health food stores ...but why not click and order here :)


Best Of Hilarious Amazon BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen Reviews

Amazon is offering the new Bic's called the Bic Cristal For Her Pen.   The reviews are making the rounds of Facebook and they are so funny.  Most people picked up on the "moves us back to the dark ages" sentiment.   Here are the the ones I have culled...only the best.  They are from various reviewers.  Enjoy the laughs.

Someone has answered my gentle prayers and FINALLY designed a pen that I can use all month long! I use it when I'm swimming, riding a horse, walking on the beach and doing yoga. It's comfortable, leak-proof, non-slip and it makes me feel so feminine and pretty! Since I've begun using these pens, men have found me more attractive and approchable. It has given me soft skin and manageable hair and it has really given me the self-esteem I needed to start a book club and flirt with the bag-boy at my local market. My drawings of kittens and ponies have improved, and now that I'm writing my last name hyphenated with the Robert Pattinson's last name, I really believe he may some day marry me! I'm positively giddy. Those smart men in marketing have come up with a pen that my lady parts can really identify with.

I love the pretty colors and skinniness, but I'm only giving two stars because they're annoying. For one thing, they dot every "i" with a little heart. They also won't make periods at the ends of sentences; it's a question mark or exclamation point every time, also dotted with hearts--SUPER annoying. I went to okay a memo from my boss with the word "Fine" and it looked like I was coming on to him or something, which I wasn't. At ALL.

They insert "like" and "um" randomly throughout whatever it is you're writing. I guess people still know what you mean but it takes up a lot of extra time and makes whatever you're saying sound dumb.

The BIC Cristal is smooth and hairless. It does not sweat or smell bad. It does not throw socks on the floor. It didn't vote for Romney. You'll never seen this pen hogging the tv remote or channel flipping for hours. A BIC Cristal never drinks beer, or belches. I can take it out of the house without fear that it will scope out younger and hotter women.
And most of all, it does not leave the toilet seat up!
And that is why I'm divorcing my husband and marrying this pen

These pens are defective. i got them in the mail and they wouldn't vibrate...? Has anyone else had this problem?

Can these pens be bought individually? I only intend to write things until I find a man and get married, so it's a waste of my hard-earned secretary salary to buy the whole pack.

Bought this for several ladies at the office to show my appreciation for their feminine qualities. Their note-taking and dictation skills immediately improved thanks to these specially-designed pens that fit perfectly in their tiny little hands. Thanks, Bic, for thinking of the everyday woman.
I'm a guy, full-blown heterosexual, and I'm definitely NOT going to buy these pens. There's more free-floating estrogen surrounding this product than at a baby shower.

Sparkles burst forth from my eyes as I gazed at the pastel, pretty-as-a-plastic-pony colors. But, I have a complaint. Where are the directions? Did you forget to include them in all of the packages or just mine?

After sexual reaasignment surgery, I still didn't feel like a natural woman.
These pens have completed my transformation. I have never felt more like a natural woman. Thank you, Bic!
I was dissapointed to find that only one fifth of the pens I recieved were pink. Or, maybe more, I can't do maths.

My girlfriend said these are not only the LEAST absorbent product she's ever used, she said the thin barrel provides NO protection against heavy flow and doesn't fit the contours of her body! She's going to stick with traditional products and leave these pens where they belong: in the trash!

With other pens, I couldn't manage to get a good, perky heart over my letter "i" and my "XOXO" in my signatures just seemed to look wiggly and wrong. How could I know that it was because I was using a man's pen that had been engineered to work best for only that gender of human being who had professional sports-level coordination?!?


Gay Women Will Marry Your Boyfriends

This is Funny --This is Poignant -- This is truth But most of all it's Funny. Lesbian Funny Yes ..I'd totally marry Rachael Maddow


Lesbian Jane Lynch Georgeous Cartoon Breasts

Jane Lynch must be proud of every aspect of her voice performance in Wreck if Ralph.   Her lines are funny, her storyline in the kids flick is moving, and she comes across as a "Hot Mamma" I'd do anything to get a kiss from.  The Glee star also must be proud of how beautiful and youngish they drew her for the 3D cartoon.  Also in 3D ...oh yes..very MUCH in3D ..her ENORMOUS BREASTS.  Janes boobs in this movie are all you can focus on if you are a lesbian like me.   I'm not a gamer, but I'd become one if I could get closer to Jane the way she was in this Disney flick.  It has me asking who else in gaming or cartoons looks so appealing, sensual and sexual.  Are there women in gaming I need to get turned on to ?    Here are some views of Jane Lynch Calhouns boobs ....the first cartoon boobs I ever got hot for :)  Perfect.
Jane Lynch Beautiful Lesbian Animated Boobs

Jane goofing off as her character in Halloween costume 


Where do you get your news ....

I hope sometimes you get it ...the news that is ..from out lesbian Rachel Maddow.  She has two prestigious degrees including a B.A from Stanford and a Masters from Oxford.  Rush Limbaugh , Glen Beck, and Sean Hannity are college dropouts.


Lesbian Drama Review BLOOMINGTON

"It's like if you... if you deny yourself something long enough... for whatever self-imposed reason, you know, the moment you are faced with any real external imposition you're going to voluntarily want to do the thing that you were trying so hard not to do. "  Catherine to Jackie in Bloomington, right before she brings her to near orgasm in the college library.

Love and Sex are GOOD in Bloomington

What a fun, sexy lesbian movie I watched today.  It's the tale of a older / younger lesbian affair between a professor at a Minnesota small college and her new student, who happens to be a cutie pie former child star of a science fiction series called Neptune 26.   She is accosted by the students who only want to talk about her fame, but the spark is instant at first sight between the two who become lovebirds in an honest portrayal of this kind of love.   The professor is mid 30's or more and in the movie is said to have quite the reputation for screwing her students, and

Yes, we have seen Loving  Annebelle and the teacher student romance, trust me, this one will tug at your every emotion more than Annebelle despite the gap you may notice in overt sex scenes.  While there is lots of sex IMPLIED, and there is lots of making out between the two in tender and beautiful moments, the movie doesn't really deliver on the sex that most lesbian dramas do.  But don't get discouraged just because there is no nudity get the idea several times.   One time in fact, in the library, the young lady digs her nails into a table while being taken by the professor, and you KNOW she is getting it GOOD.

Lovely, appealing, and passionate, Sarah Stouffer plays college student Jacqueline.  She doesn't even have a Wikipedia page ...but she is fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!! Beautiful !  In their first scene in bed, when asked if she'd ever done it before, she nervously, petrified answers "once."  We never know if the answer is true or not.

The romance heats up quickly with Catherine Stark, played by Allison McAtee, who is flat out gorgeous and has played numerous TV roles ..and is destined for bigger stardom.   Catherine is smoldering and at first predatory, though the chase is mutual quickly.  Delicious kisses, exchanges of sexual power prominent in bed, and all the evident feelings of love accompanied by good sex are weaved into a gripping character study of the child star grown up and the professor wriggling with her feelings.   Good Golly, the chemistry in their kisses is delectable.

One of the better Lesbian Dramas and currently streaming on Netflix.  Enjoy Bloomington !  Even more with a cuddle bunny.

After Ellen Right On with Girl Girl Scenes from Mainstream Movies

Hey ...just wowed as I read what I just read.   On my main blog, I tried a couple of times to write about Lesbian scenes in mainstream movies and how they helped me process the feelings I was feeling growing up.  Staying up past bedtime to watch either HBO or Cinemax waiting with SUCH anticipation for those scenes.   I gave it a good go trying to come up with a fairly comprehensive list of the movies ...but I have now seen the best ever post on this subject from After Ellen.  If you are interested in the most thorough history of F2F scenes in cinema, with seemingly NOTHING left out, from Personal Best to Gia to Bound and everything else, enjoy the memories, immerse yourself in the commentary, and get "inspired" from the images from those scenes in an excellent read.  One of my all time favorites.

Cowgirl Up for Us Grrrrrls

Cowgirl Up is a  fun / western / lesbian web only series that has really caught on and enjoys authenticity not commonly shared on a clearly low budget that you are responsible .  (Think PBS for lesbians, and on the web not the airwaves.)    The girls are beautiful, natural, flirty, and take on roles suited for their personality.  Enjoy Cowgirl Up and contribute to their goal of  $24, 943 ...which was $25,000 until the lovely ladies in the cast raised $7 in a bake sale and $50 in a sexy lesbian carwash fund raiser.   And as for the project, I mean, how can you resist "three bunkhouses full of feisty fillies and MILF-y mares."  You Go Nancylee
Just A Mom
What Mother Thinks I do ?  All about the love

What society thinks I do the park
What husband thinks I do ..popcorn and soaps
What I think I do ?  Gun In Hand world !
What I really do ?  This
What I want to do? Nap


New In Pants Fashion ..wilder and retro - er (is that a word ?)

Checking out a great article on what kinds of pants are safe and sound this season, I noticed that the new trend, according to the article, may be that instead of that new attention getting pattern on your Thirty One bag, or a floral print in wild colors for a top, now you can dress those two items down and express yourself with FANCY PANTS.  ..and I love it.  Have seen some of this fashion popping up around the college community, and I'm ready to jump on board.   Notice the simplicity on top in the example to the left...the shoes and pants make the outfit.  Fashion figures out that the best things happen below the belt :)

Bust Magazine has the rest ..check it out


Lesbian Poetry - This is The Joy Of The Lesbian Rain

Originally published on my main blog, this is the PG rated,  inspired poem of a lesbian first kiss (hers...not mine)   Feedback greatly appreciated

This is the Joy of the Lesbian Rain 

First Kiss Poetry
by akiss2desire

copyright 2010
all rights reserved

This is the rain
This is the lesbian rain
"I want to swallow your fear with a kiss"
This is the Joy of the Lesbian Rain

A streetlamp illuminates her dancing yet shy eyes and the ripples of excitement of our first open mouth, (not a peck this time), desirably deep, willing and "you complete me" kiss

...a myriad of thoughts and emotions rumble through my brain
the contemplations of a life changed ...or has it ?
and of all the meanings and repercussions
and of where it might lead tomorrow and beyond
and if this kiss will lead to magnificence tonight
amid all the whirlwind of thoughts
all one million thoughts (conservative estimate) in the first ONE SECOND of this kiss
it is a kiss be enjoyed and welcomed
and prolonged
c'mon cmon c'mon
keep it going...3 more seconds...3 more seconds
so soft and warm and wet and delicious
more seconds ...more tongue ...more passion
a kiss that possesses us both
as second after second after second
tongue twirl after tongue jab after open mouth acceptance after sensation followed by soft sensation
an amusement ride worth the waiting in line for years for
logic now adrift and further adrift go my emotions
and her inhibitions slip away
demonstrating her instincts and carving our passionate path with the truth in her desire
all with her lips and tongue
reminding me of the familiarity of a first kiss with another woman
and whats most familiar is how different it is now
because she leans into me and swallows my tongue
the connection with us is alive and pulsates with every pounding heartbeat
15 seconds of bliss and our beginning now ends
wildfire sparkle connection and lesbian lust in her eyes
the shimmering glow of her smile 
I'm seeping and aching and amazed at how natural we fit together
and as she holds me and whispers my name
the rain begins


Adele Words of Wisdom for us GRRRLS

”I love food and hate exercise. I don’t have time to work out… I don’t want to be on the cover of Playboy or Vogue. I want to be on the cover of Rolling Stone or Q. I’m not a trend-setter… I’m a singer… I’d rather weigh a ton and make an amazing album then look like Nicole Richie and do a shit album. My aim in life is never to be skinny.”